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Driver's Education Training Classes
Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Training
All About Safe Driving in Boise Idaho, has a program that meets the Idaho-approved Driver Education Training Program. The program consists of:

• 30 Hours of Classroom Training
• 6 Hours behind the wheel observation in a driver
    training car
• 6 Hours behind the wheel driving with a driver
    training instructor

Driver Education Training is required for anyone under 17 years who is applying for an Idaho Driver's License.
Graduated Driver's License Program
See Class Schedule
• 14 ½ Years Old and Older

• Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Training

• Work with Idaho Digital Learning Academy

• We'll pick you up from your school for Behind-
   the-Wheel training

Private Stick-Shift Lessons - $50.00 per hour

Private Lessons Available (17 Years and Older)
   (Call for Info)
Anyone under 17 years of age who has not been issued a driver's license in Idaho must successfully complete an approved driver training program an comply with the requirements of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program. Under the GDL Program, you will required to complete a supervised a minimum six-month, violation-free supervised instruction period.